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Monthly w/Multi-versions



If I purchase monthly I assume I get latest release?


What if I wanted to work on both st8 and say st5 for a particular customer?


Is that possible?



Accepted by LauraWatson (Community Manager)
‎10-09-2015 05:53 AM

Re: Monthly w/Multi-versions

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Monthly licensing (subscription) would be of the latest Solid Edge release (ST8 today).

Theoretically multi install should work with ST5 and ST8 subscription.


Items to note:

- ST5 would have to be installed before ST8

- ST8 would have to be the active installation to get the new monthly license.

- Multi install was never intended for production use.




Re: Monthly w/Multi-versions

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Sounds good Laura! I have a ticket in to engineers to confirm.


Hopefully the the older software packages would be made available via the web.


I think doing monthly and providing upward/downward ability is an awesome advantage to engineers and designers. This alone is nice - now combine that with the incredible power SE offers. Syncronous is tops.

Re: Monthly w/Multi-versions

You can manually download an earlier version of Solid Edge by using your WebKey account assigned when you initially purchased your subscription.

Re: Monthly w/Multi-versions

Sounds like a plan UK_Dave! Thanks!