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Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels




Two weeks ago I started with searching for a small stream of ST articles and tutorials online and ended up in a sea of Solid Edge video tutorials both ordered and synchronous useful for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Here's a brief listing.


(In brackets are the number of videos)


1.  BDT YAZILIM   (428 - unbelievable!!)

     GM System 2001   (270 - Incredible)
     CAAP   (252 - Non English but meticulously made videos - sit back and enjoy)
     EdgePLM   (245 - Ocean of knowledge from the down under)

     Imre Szucs   (130 - and the Oscar for the best Solid Edge videos goes to... Smiley Very Happy)
     SolidEdgeVideos   (116)
     Ally PLM   (83 - Beyond words; Skip your lunch, but don't miss the lunch bytes here)
     SolidDNA   (72 - Luc Poulin - The Solid Edge one man army)

     Edge Canada - Designfusion   (64 -  T h e   B e s t !!  Period.)
10. Tushar Suradkar   (62 - Tips and Tricks + SE programming)

     Andre Luiz de Sousa FIXPLM   (58)
     Lee Tan (50)
     PBU CAD (47)
     Solid Mastermind   (45 - not reviewed yet.)
     Geir Sigurd Handegård (43)
     Produtiva Ferramentas (40)
     Susan Cinadr   (34 - not reviewed yet.)
     Grupo PLM (34)
     Sandesh HR (30)
20. IT Fee (30)

     Matt Lombard   (28 - not reviewed yet.)
     Majenta PLM UK   (28 - not reviewed yet.)

     Solid Edge Tips and Tricks (24)
     Jefferson Olivo (23)
     Swoosh Technologies   (23 - not reviewed yet.)
     Amogh J (22)
     Solid Edging - Dave Ault   (22 - not reviewed yet.)
     Da Si (21)
     Velocity Technical (20)
30. Phillipe Bueno (20)

     Michal Brynych (20)
     Bogdan Ganea (20)
     Mark Fort (20)
     Siemens PLM (18)

     Solid Edge + (16)
     Suport DigiCAD (16)
     Petar Vertex (16)
     Siddhesh Attavar (15)
     Prion Cutting Edge (15)
40.Cobus Oosthuizen (15)
     Solid Edge Guru (15)

     William Sanchez (14)
     Kadackaya Elena (14)
     CCSteam Italia (12)
     Solid System Team (12)
     Panso Sol (11)
     Dian Andri (11)
     Dibujo Tecnico CAD (10)
     Vivek BN (10)
50.CAM Logic (10)
     Sis Inc Tube (10)

     CadimagePLM   (10 - not reviewed yet.)
     Ingenierando con Alan (10)
     Messa UTP (10)
     Raihsa PLM Software (10)

     Canal de inntech100 (10)
     Ved Prakash (9)
     Acuity (9)

     Cadconsult PLM (9)
60.Jesus Cordero Interlatin PLM (9)
     Saminathan Munisamy (8)
     Saratech (8)
     Mark II (7)
     Liseth Paola Torres (7)
     Lizeth Aldana (7)
     Solid CAD Tech (7)
     Joy Enjoy (7)
     Techrebz (7)
     Ken Grundey   (6 - not reviewed yet.)
70.Jose 1986 (6)
     Randy Robert (6)
     NCU Engineering (6)
     Oscar DeSant (6)
     Diseño Mecanico para Ti. (6)

     Michael Alexander Perez Tovar (6)
     Jason Newell (5)

     BHSligner (5)
     Zac Burhop (5)
     Sean Cresswell (4)
80.Jeyson Zuniga (4)

     Technasium Calandlyceum (3)

     CADFlow (3)

     Mark Burhop (3)
     RCB (3)
     Kaizoku (3)
     CAD Tutorial (3)
     Acuity Solutions (3)
     Marcos Junior (3)
     Lee HC (3)
90.Akhilesh Mahale (2)
     Wolfgang Walden (2)

     Tibor Vas (2)
     AlexFiForge (2)
     Innovated Solutions (2)
     EDP CAD (2)
     Solo CAD (2)
     Wesnei Barros (2)
     wjpc142536 (2)
100.Top Win NC (2)
      Canal de ARDUWY1 (2)
      Tudasfelho (2)
      Pawel Wasik (2)
      CAM D (2)
      Jean Hernandez (2)
      Daniel Dingsbums (2)
      Raviranjan Kumar (1)
      Sandeep Sheety (1)
      Jomarc Baquiran (1)
110.Patrick Turcotte (1)
      Arclight Dynamics (1)
      NebojsaEXPL0SI0N (1)
      ID Engineering Tutorials (1)
      Stefano Vogt (1)
      oScAr SnEyDeR nInO (1)
      Juan Vapes (1)
      Sambath Kumaar (1)
      Mustang19ms (1)


120. Md. Arief Maulana (8

    WorksLine GmbH (10)

    Enginia (38)

    Matthew Stephens (2)

    Bishal Shrestha (1)

    Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (15)

    CAD Central Webinar Page


    Ahntu Bui


 130.   Es Technical

    Mijo D

    Design and Motion

    Synchronous Technologies

    Kevin Grayson

    CAD Central Youtube Channel

    Ciclo PLM

    Cosmos Italia

    Francis Greensides

    Jorgen Vinther

140.    Tiago Figueiredo

    Sergi Lairisa




    Jamie Andres Velez

    Istvan Kocsmar


    Diseno Mecanio Para Ti

    Diego Mauricio Castillo Varila

150.    Andreas Schubert

    Sergi Lairisa





    Prescient Technologies

    Adam Synder

    Danny Lai Taiwan

    Space CAD Ltd

160.    Solid Edge Graphics Tutor

    Learn Go PLM

    Kiran Modagi

    Scott Rodgers

    Top Win NC Tutorials

    Cador Consulting

    Luis Perez

    Apple Monster

    Solid Channel 16

    Matthew Stephens

170.    blecheimer12

    Ubo CNC

    Girish Kallihal

    Pass Yi


    3D Paramertic Solid Model Drawing

176.    Kabir Kosta


Few more Solid Edge demo videos are scattered all over this page:

Solid Edge Demo Videos (54)


Total 5000+ Solid Edge videos.

Huge thanks goes to all who took the pains and time to create and share their knowledge through the videos.


~Tushar Suradkar



Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor did say "brief"....right?   Robot surprised

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
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Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


My Friend,


Nice to see this long list... There is enough power in Solid Edge Community!


C'mon guys!!! Be proud of you are Solid Edge users!!!


(SolidEdgeVideos is my company's (Enterprise Group) formal youtube channel.)




Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


Thank you Tushar for making this "precious" list available!



Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


Thank you Tushar! You just booked my lunch breaks for the rest of the year...


I had to chuckle seeing Siemens PLM sitting at 33rd on this list, by the way.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Great list Tushar!


Please add our own channel to the list:


Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


Hi Carlos, see #81


@SeanCresswell  Robot Happy

There are some Screencast and Vimeo channels for Solid Edge but the Perl script that scanned the web looked only for YouTube channels. The list can get comprehensive.


@BobMiletiBob, I've seen you using screencast, would you like to add your channel to the list ?


@Imicsawesome; it appears to be some sort of backend repository and not any tutorials. The company is fortunate to have you as a Solid Edge guy !


Dylan @Chally72 With just 18 videos the Siemens PLM channel is a confusing mix of NX, TC, demos, success stories, interviews and then some Solid Edge videos. Smiley Mad With the kind of resources available, the channel should look much better.


I know several people who are in charge of this and my simple request to add my blog site to the list of blogs on this page has fallen on deaf ears even after writing to many of them.  Robot Frustrated



Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


@MLombard Any plans to record more official stuff? Maybe the dev team's favorite tips and tricks?


I learned quite a bit on the Surface Pro 3 and Solid Edge just reading Dan's @staples tidbits and video link he dropped in a recent thread. That video seems to be the only 'official' video of Solid Edge on Surface Pro 3, and it was listed as 'Solid Edge Design Mobility Video', which was fairly nebulous.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


Nothing against you Dylan, and also not specifically in response to your last comment, I have noticed ever since joining this forum and after closely following the discussions, Solid Edge end users freely involve top leaders of a world class company as Siemens and its mainstream product when they find something not up to their expectations - be it a tiny functionality, a glitch in the UI or some major expectation from the software.


This is astonishing on one hand and also heartening to see top leaders who sure have a huge globally spread business to handle as their day job also lending themselves to the last end user - this is so magnanimous of them - Dan Staples, John Fox, Laura Watson, Matt Lombard.


The point I am trying to make is - fans, users and addicts of other softwares like SW, Inventor and even outdated CAD programs like ProE - are so flamboyant; they write articles and macros and create endless number of videos and flaunt them, everywhere - in user groups, on blogs and other CAD related sites - so much that it makes the CAD programs look really that great. This trait is missing among Solid Edge patrons.


Though a crucial fact that can also get easily overlooked here is that the respective companies in turn support the contributing users 'hugely', thus playing the role of a catalyst, leading to a snowball effect, creating a win-win situation, ultimately resulting in a very spirited and vibrant user community.




Re: Most Notable Solid Edge YouTube Channels


@Tushar You speak my mind!