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Move an object from "here" to "there"


Using Free 2d.
When I use functions like "move" or "rectangular pattern". I am asked to enter a
distance and angle to move or copy the element. I would like to click two points
on the drawing as if to say "move from here to there". I haven't been able to figure
out how to do this.

Re: Move an object from "here" to "there"

When you move, do not enter anything in the UI. Simply select the geometry
you want to move. Locate a keypoint to move from, the endpoint of a line for
example. Click on that keypoint. The geometry to move will attach to the
cursor based on the keypoint located. Simply locate another keypoint to move
to and click. Or just move the cursor somewhere and click. The geometry will
move the distance between the from and to points.
Rick B.