Movement of a Part from PathFinder to Assembly/ Video

Started to add parts to the assembly, being away from SE. I forgot the procedure to move after moving from Path Finder.





Wow...that system performance lag must be hard to live wi...

Wow...that system performance lag must be hard to live with. I see this on my daughters laptop as well...ST4 seemed a little better in this respect.


Anyway, what you appear to have done in that video, is choose to edit the part in the context of the assembly, so trying to position the part there will have little or no effect. I suspect the performance lag may be partly responsible for the mis-selection of faces for alignment/mates.


If your placing a lot of the same or similar parts, try making a common feature set, [maybe a small cylinder] then use the "Capture Fit" command [look in help for more info] then placing the next instance will be a matter of selecting the target faces, in the corresponding order of mates set. A real time saver!

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Able to Restore

This video is from Converter Print2Cad 2014 the video is to convert from 2D
to 3D. I'm courious if able to restore, tried to work back to 3D nothing
With this PDF the doc. is in half. Is the doc repairable.

I cannot send to community. This information is important There will be an
interview in two week for these doc.

I hope you understand

Re: Wow...that system performance lag must be hard to live wi...

Where is your original Solid Edge file?


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Re: Wow...that system performance lag must be hard to live wi...

Gone when the computer crashed I lost all files.However, I did save some
files on external drive that's it.