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Moving categories in the standard parts library


We're just in the process of installing the standard parts library in Solid Edge. We've set up are own company category which has sub folders which we can then populate with our own parts we use. Some of the standard parts are already there in various ISO/DIN/BS folders. Rather than require the user to trawl through the different folders to find the correct standard i would like to have the all the parts generated in the new company folders.


For example, i would like to have a sub-folder in the company folder for nuts. In that we could have a folder for the special nuts we use. I would also like to have a folder for standard nuts which are taken from ISO 4032 parts, wing nuts from the DIN 314 parts etc. That way if the user wants a nut they only have to look in one place.


What i can't work out how to do is to get the existing standard parts to generate in a new (company specific) folder?