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Moving the face set


Hi Everyone, Stuck on my first Tutorial...Section 7 has you modify the cylinder. you select
the cylinger with fence, it highliights...I have turned off the lock to base option. When
I try to extend the cylinder up, I get a message reading:

The modification cannot be completed due to relationships on the model.
Unlock dimensions, delete relationships or adjust live rules to complete
the modification.

Let me know what you think,
Cameron, 8th Grade Student


Re: Moving the face set

Is this the stopamm part? Does the steering wheel orientation is as shown on the bottom illustration with the primary axis pointing upwards? Does the selection include the face of the micrometer base behind it?
If stumped, sometimes redoing the tutorial from beginning, doing it slowly and study the illustrations carefully helps. It did when I was stuck.

Re: Moving the face set

Yes it is the stopamm part...Steering whhel is in good position. I have to select the face of the micrometer base behind it seperaty...I will give it a few more tries, then I will redo the tutorial.