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Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

Well once again it's that time of year when moving onto a NEW release is welcomed. But as always the joy is met with the "oh **bleep**"... the timing sucks!  Like most users, we are usually in the middle of a project, which is always the most important one. Now let it be said that I've never regretted upgrading to a new release, well except for V19, and of course like many I dragged my feet on moving on to ST. 


So this year I thought I'll use this transition period to purchase a new Workstation, in hope of making my life easier. Well that's until the whole licencing thing. I fully respect Siemens for taking their licensing policy serious, as it hurts all paying customers if they didn't. But what about the users?


If Solid Edge valued customers time and business decisions, they'd have a better more understanding policy. They way it works now is utter torture. You can't manage your own licenses easily on GTAC, and are forced to call and make these changes. So far I've had to use an Emergency License to even look at ST9, so at least Siemens understand there's a need. However there's a different need for a "transition period" from one release to another. Yes I know I can get the 45 day trial and spend 45 days playing on my new system, but then I still have to go and deal with GTAC to get a correct license.


Siemens needs develop a TRANSFER to a NEW Workstation/Release period that also brings all your personalized Menus, Toolbars, Material and Hole tables, etc. in the same move. It can be restricted to your local network, and replace both licenses. The new machine gets the NEW license, and the old system, would be changed to say 45 days, then it expires, or warns you of it's demise in a week or so. Anyway you get the point.


If this whole process was 10 minutes, it would be even worth paying for. But instead, as a user we are stuck with a method that's from the 90's!


The main reason why I'm not using ST9 today.... I can't afford the time and annoyance while in the middle of a big project to make the switch. Where's as a 45 day overlap is plenty of time to make sure I'm not left stranded between releases during a very critical time for my company. Then you can double this aggravation, because my second seat of SE that Paul uses, needs to be done as well, since we're both on the same project.


But in the mean time, I need help on just transferring to ST9 with all my custom setups and files, etc.. How do I do this, and what's the drill?  Yeah I know I asked this last year, and the year before, all the way back to V7... but still every year NOTHING until someone once again who's gone through this give up the goods.


So ask yourself this... why hasn't there been a article in the Blogs titled "OK ST9 is here, here's how to move to the new version in 5 steps.... oh no, why would any customer want to know about this? /s  Here's a shocker, Siemens Solid Edge Development.... I don't spend my day worrying about YOUR jobs, as I know none of you apparently concern yourself with mine. I know this happens only once a year, but please can you at least post a "what to do sheet" on the WEB site. All my searches ended up with nothing to do with making the move.


What should be an wonderful experience is ALWAYS a day of frustration and bewilderment as to who thinks this makes sense


Bob, just shy of a Mileti Moment!


Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8



You nailed it.  I am experiencing the same thing.  I wanted to take a look at ST9 on my Surface without disrupting the two installations of ST8 we have at work.  The licensing process is always confusing and since it's only done every year or so, everything is forgotten in the mean time.  So I set up an emergency license.  As you mention, the license management process on the GTAC site is far from intuitive.   Why are there so many options  -   Emergency passwords and license files, configuration reports, passwords and license files, product activation?  There are too many things to pick from and I always get it wrong.  







I think this should be the next major effort for improvement.  I can't imagine someone coming over from a competitor's software and navigating through this gauntlet.  Thank goodness for the people at GTAC who have helped me in the past.

Kyle Joiner

Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

Thanks Kyle for adding to my post... I was trying so hard to be nice Bob, I left out my usual NYC in your face, WTF where you thinking tone. Maybe I'm gettting too old!


I guess I was afraid I was the only moron out here whomissed the little cheat sheet or something else.... so I'm glad I'm not the only one.


We all can't stomach the so called "computer IT professionals" who think the rest of us of the world gives a horse's butt about such non-sense. Like everything with computer SECURITY it's only good at torturing the good people, and yet somehow it still never works.... just ask Hillary, the DNC, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi how well their Secusity worked..... sorry I had to!  Smiley LOL




Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

Then there's standard parts. I'm crossing my fingers on it. That usually works.

Bruce Shand
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Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

To play devils advocate, is this not at least partially fixed in ST9 if you use the cloud licence though I haven't tried it. As far as I understand you can just log in to any PC with your licence...?


There's also settings export/import, which you'd imagine would make ST9>ST10 easier like you're describing.

Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

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Sorry Alex, but your not "playing devils advocate" here.... more like "Hide the Salami"  I don't own a "cloud License" so to be frank... it's not solved at all. And export/import removes all the features.... been there - done that. It's not worth it on a Machine with thousands of parts.


This discussion has been going on for as long as I've been a SE user.... that's over 15 years.  Hello Marketing!


Anyway I just downloaded a 3D CAD cloud license..... for Autodesk's Fushion 360. Why? simply to use their CAM software. For $300 a year. it's cheaper than the maintenance contract for Solid Edge's CAM offering for a month, and I don't have to first shell out $12K to $15K first.  So with that money I'm buying a second CNC machine.... but I'm getting off point.


My point is that when will Siemens/SE Development start doing more "little things" to make their software more user friendly....I won't abandon Solid Edge because I still love it to death, but I wish they'd STOP taking advantage of my loyalty!

Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

ST9 is the first fully working version of SE for me. They fixed many issues that were broken. So I'm a happy camper. I still have huge stack of improvements I would like to see. I'm just happy it actually works this time without major time pentalties.

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Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

@BobMileti I believe that if you have a node locked license, you can change to the cloud based license that @Alex_H mentioned, then moving workstations/versions is a lot easier.


I personally like the floating option, and we employ it even for single licenses of apps because then we don't have any issues moving it to another workstation and can in fact over-install the app on several workstations.  For Solid Edge, we just change the license file on the server and our old version still works and then we can install any number of new versions to test and they will work too.  Not sure how many seats you have now but it might make sense to go this route just for the ease of management, but you do need a stationary, always on machine to host the licenses.


Other than a connection to the internet, which is almost a requirement for anything anymore, the cloud license should give you roughly the same benefit as the floating license for a single user.  Only difference is the floating licenses don't care who the user is or what PC it's on, the cloud license require a specific user but doesn't care which PC it's on.


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Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

Not sure the phrase "hide the salami" has made it this side of the Atlantic Bob!


Obviously only you know the issues you've got, but specifically for the licence issue, I  don't think it's fair to say "I don't want to use the fix so therefore it's still broken". I don't expect many people have cloud licences at the minute and I can't see us transfering our 45 licences across to cloud anytime soon, but it does seem there's potential benefits like them not being tied to a particular machine's MAC address.


With regards the settings import/export, I was playing with it on a test machine as we haven't upgraded yet and it seemed pretty smart so maybe it's worth giving it a go.


The CAM thing is another story, I'd most certainly agree the whole package around CAM is poor in SE whether built inm or 3rd party.

Fusion 360 CAM is amazing, particularly when you consider it's free for indivudals or startups.I think it's things like this where hobbiest tools are fast catching up on 'professional' tools at zero or low cost  that Solid Edge is losing out - also see SimScale which is excellent FEA & CFD for free.

Re: Moving to ST9 on a new workstation... from ST8

Don't get me wrong, but I don't understand your problem.


You don't have floating licences?


When an new version arrives we upgrade our licence and keep on working with the old version. Currently we are working on ST8 with ST9 licences. In the meanwhile we have one workstation where we test ST9 but this workstation uses the same licence pool as the ST8 workstations.


I'm from europa, I thought you guys had an easyer way because you have an direct support. We have an inbetween company.