Multi-sheet assembly drawings and title-block


Coming from other CAD packages, I'm used to creating weldment drawings (where there are multiple parts welded together) with the assembly & part names in the following structure:


Say for Assembly number # 5074855


5074855 (Top level assy)

-5074855A (Part A)

-5074855B (Part B)

-.. and so on.


Given that those parts are inseperable, for the drawing, I would create a single drawing file with the top level assembly as the first sheet, and 5074855A, 5074855B as the second and third sheets. Their respective title blocks would be automatically pupulated as I insert the drawing view, updating the title and document number to the respective sub-part.


Is there a way to have this done automatically in SolidEdge? The propreties I find only refer to either a draft proprety or a specific model proprety (R1, R2, R3). Is there a proprety that I can use that refers to the actual model as I drop the first drawing view?






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Not saying this is the only or best way but this might help.  I believe if you use the "Named Reference" option instead of "Index Reference", you can type in the file name versus the R1, R2, R3, etc.

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I was hoping for a 'single-sheet template' that would just work as I add sheets, but that would also work.


I could name my sheets "Top Level", "Item 1", "Item 2" and so on in my quicksheet template. This way if I need more that one sheet for the same item (say a folded and a flat-pattern sheet), then I can copy/paste the corresponding sheet that refers to that item.


 Thanks for your quick response.

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What I do is add page numbers. 


%{Sheet number}  OF  %{Number of Sheets}


Then I also display the name, number, and project


name: %{Title}

number: %{Document Number}

project: %{Project}

and file location: %{File Name (full path)|R1}


The name, number and project can either be based on the draft file or the model file.


By keeping the top draft, top assembly, and PDF files all named the same, it's easy to located the files.

The problem is it's no so easy to make changes to a parts name & number because it is entered many places.


There is no way to flow variables the way I would like where the file names are edited from other variables.

The one I have always wanted is a parts files name = Assembly name + part name + text string. If I could do that, then parts files would automatically updated when the assembly file name is edited. I also want the same capacity for variables inside draft.



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Just make sure that when you insert the parts into the quicksheet, that you do so in the same order.

For example, if you insert a part onto Sheet 3 prior to inserting onto Sheet 2, the title will show up on Sheet 2, not sheet 3.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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This is what I do for our multi-sheet documentation with different types of drawing sheets:
SUB-%{Document Number}-%{Sheet name}

This is the variable string for the Drawing "number". All we have to do is add the proper drawing sheet template and rename the drawing sheet. We have different layout drawing sheets, cover sheets, schedule sheets and then detail sheets.
Detail Sheet 1: SUB-12345-D001
Detail Sheet 2:  SUB-12345-D002
Product Schedule sheet: SUB-12345-CS
Layout Sheet 1: SUB-12345-L001



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And you do this for an assembly of inseperable parts? Do you give a name and title to your sub-parts?

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I do. But very generic names and numbers. I established my method in ST6 where it was impossible to display item number of sheet metal parts. To track the flat patterns and bend tables relative the the parts list a name must be used.


B1 = Body 1

B2 = Body 2

S1 = Stiffener 1

M1 = Mount 1



I still don't think it's possible to have both flat patterns and views of the finished part automatically display item numbers. Another shortcoming of SE. The flat patterns are the problem.


The bigger problem with this is I have 1000's of files called B1 each in it's own directory. If I ever have to move to a managed system, this will be a problem. 


I recently started another thread about trying to edit file names from a spreadsheet to overcome this issue.


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@12GAGE I don't the duplicate file names being an issue with some managed system. You would just let the system assign an automatic number to your file and then use the file name as a different attribute value. Or you could import your data into the PDM/PLM system and let the system assign a prefix to your files during an import process.

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But there are other forces at work in my drawings.


Out of all my daily common tasks, creating bend tables is the one that takes the time. To create bend tables, most pieces of sheet metal require about 12 unique variables specific to that part. These variables are created from dimensions on flat patterns and a linked in radius & thickness. The results are back gages and stick outs for each bend.


To keep it all organized, I must use the part name as a segment of the variable name.


Renaming files is never a simple thing for me.