Multi sheet draft file title block?

So the short and simple of it is I would like to try to combine our typical one draft file per part or assembly into just a single draft file for everything in an attempt to make better use of the assembly driven part numbers. The one problem I have had thus far is that we have traditionally named each page for the primary item on the page and also have a discritptor line such as burnout, machine, overlay and refractory. How would I go about retaining all the information in the title block minus those two items. To make it even more fun it will be a mix of A, B and D size paper.


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I would not suggest mixing sheet sizes within a drawing number. Printing and filing are a nightmare.


As far as the names for the parst lists. I have come up with a complex naming system to track all the part, The difficult part is pulling name out of your &^% for each part.


I tend to name part with a prefix of the assembly name. But this is where the complex naming comes in were you have to cross reference the part number with what it is. In my case, I have T for tank, Then 36 models of tanks A..Z 1...9. Then I have part scheme like L for lid and B for body.

The part have number like TBL (tank, style B, lid).


This is specially true for sheet metal because displayed flat pattern cant use bubbles to keep track by item number. Sheet metal flat patterns can only be tracked by name. THe sheet metal part number are just short versions of the name using first letters.


Lots of thinking up front, but the users of the drawings quickly get familiar and can actually find the detail of the flat that relates to the parts list without item numbers.

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I will see if I can keep it all one boarder size but the reason I am trying this is because we have always tracked items by number not name. To that if you insert the master assembly into your first page (general arrangement), BOM/Parts list goes on page 2, then page 3 through 60 something are weldment, machining, and burnout detail drawings.  Each sheet has had a specific name and operation type in the title block to tell people what they are doing (yes I have to tell them what the drawing is telling them...)



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You will quickly find that your machine speed slows to a crawl and you'll wish you had never come up with the idea. Would probably work for smaller assemblies, where you could get away with say 10 pages, but anything larger it would bog down. 


Our standard is that we generally describe components on their own file, with a fairly generic file number (back in the very early days, we were going to have standard parts, and assemble them in weird and wonderful ways, the idea disappeared, but the numbering system didn't) and one draft for the "assembly". We sometimes use multiple assemblies to describe each process (for us it is generally Fabrication and Machining, final assembly has its own number and draft) but combine this into one draft file, with multiple sheets. I find that it bogs down once I get over 5 sheets (usually describing multiple fabrication steps, with a couple of machining sheets near the back).



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I would agree with Shane.

Having a big assembly and all its details in one file is going to slow things down.

Do you want to open a 100MB file to update a small detail ?

You also have to consider the revision of the drawing.

If you have many sheets and just make a minor change do you really want to re-issue all sheets ?

Alternatively, you could just increment revision on the one sheet, but then you have different sheet revisions to manage. I would stick to multi-sheet for assembly drawings, (possibly with 1 sheet of details if that is sufficient) but keep the detail drawings separate.


We have the opposite problem - most of our drawings have to be single sheet (client's methods), so we have to use multiple draft files, each with its own number, for drawings that require more than one sheet. Its a real pain maintaining item numbers, section lines etc between sheets.

We do, however, create draft files with several parts detailed on them.


Our models are numbered with the format "drawing number-item" eg 1234567-01

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Hi there,


We do a mixture of both, single part drafts & assembly based multi-sheet drafts, as the part/drawing name/number are unique in both instances.

We also put up with the update penalty when changes are made, plus it serves as a good deterent to making frivelous, or poorly considered revisions.

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Re: Multi sheet draft file title block?

Along the same line, is there a way to have one text block in a draft template be populated with the same information that is placed in another text block on same template?


Drawing file names are shown in 2 places on our template, I would like to be able to fill 1st block and have it auto fill in 2nd block.




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"is there a way to have one text block in a draft template be populated with the same information that is placed in another text block on same template?"


Maybe you could drive the text with properties.

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Re: Multi sheet draft file title block?

Once information is a property or variable, why cant both display instances just reference the same piece of information?