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Multi-sized background template usage


Hello All,

I just got SE 2D free ST6 running and perusing the tutorials, etc., so I am a newbie. Playing with the included templates, I looked into ansi draft.dft and found backgrounds for several standard page sizes embedded in the template. My question - How do you select a specific background size from the template? When creating a new draft, it doesn't allow me to pick a size, it just creates one (In my case, it always picks a "D" size drawing for some reason. Is this linked to some other draft creation parameter that I haven't discovered yet?


BTW- This product blows me away, and I just started! Much impressed!


Re: Multi-sized background template usage

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can change the background and/or sheet size by Right Mouse Clicking on the sheet tab (Sheet1) at the bottom and clicking on Sheet Setup in the Sheet context menu. If you want to select one of the existing backgrounds and change the sheet size at the same time, click on the Background tab in the Sheet Setup dialog. You will see that it is defaulted to D-Sheet. Change it to A-Sheet. Click on OK. The A-Sheet background will display and the sheet size will change accordingly. The 'Save Defaults' button on the Background tab will set the default background size for any new sheet you add in this file. If you want all files to default to a specific sheet size, Open the template directly, change the sheet size, Save Defaults, and save the template. Then all draft files created with this updated template will have the specified size.



Rick B.

Re: Multi-sized background template usage

THX Much!