Multiple Parts Lists

Hi, all.

I'm trying to do 2 things:

 1. Make a parts list for "standard parts" and another one for "purchased parts"

 2. In the "standard parts" list, I want circles around the item numbers, and in the "purchased parts" list, I want hexagons around the item numbers.


Any help is appreciated.




Re: Multiple Parts Lists

This should be very easy. You save two differently specified parts list setups. One of the things you can associate with the parts list settings is how the bubbles look. I'm not sure if there is a hexagon option.


The non-intuitive part of this is that I have only been successful with saving parts list setting if the edits and save of that are done during the placement of the list.

Re: Multiple Parts Lists

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Hey.  I tried saving 2 different parts list settings, but it seems that once I create the second one, the first one becomes out of date and gets that rectangle around it.  When I update, it turns into the second parts list.


Edit: Oh I found the solution!  Right after you click the "parts list" button for the first time, you have to deselect "link to active" and then the tables aren't dependent on each other.



I'm still looking for a solution on how to put circles and hexagons around the item numbers in the actual parts list table.



Re: Multiple Parts Lists



You can do this in a parts list where you can create "groups" for purchased and standard parts.


Here you will get answer for second question (too):