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Multiple users on one machine: setup preferences?

We have a situation that has come up, where we will have half a dozen different users using the same machine that has Solid Edge. It will be a work station that our team will use, and we will rotate users that work there. I think I can figure out how to get everyone their own custom button ribbon, as well as their templates. But, I'm unsure if there's a way to have all other settings custom to a user, such as colors, screen layout, etc.


Currently, we have just one user log on for this workstation, but I'm sure we can get that changed to a specific log on for each user. But, will we be able to have our own user settings when we log on? I like a black background, someone else likes a white background, another likes a blue background. I like green for fully-defined, others like black, etc.

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Re: Multiple users on one machine: setup preferences?

@BoatTech  With individual logins, each user will have their own customizations/settings.  When it comes to files placed in the Preferences folder, they will apply to all users but these can be changed in Options to point to other locations for each user however most of these files typically apply to all users anyways.


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Re: Multiple users on one machine: setup preferences?

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The backgrounds are determined by the template. So each user would need his own templates if he wants different background colors.

 Screen layout is user specific and things like pathfinder location stick how the user sets it and is saved in the user's appdata customization folder.

The colors for fully defined, etc. are also saved in the user's customization folder.

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Re: Multiple users on one machine: setup preferences?

each user i believe will have it's own registry entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USERS/ Unigraphics