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Multiply / Link Part List Columns


Is there anyway to....


Multiply one column in the parts list.

The Quantity column shows what i need to make 1 which is what i want but i also want the "Pack Qty" to multiply Quantity x Required to get a total, so in this case it would be 2x6 and 18x6 and the equaled amount would be in "Pack Qty". At the moment i have linked "Quantity" to "Pack Qty" thats why they are showing the same number.


I have tried to make a sperate table for "Required" and link them somehow but havent found a way.

Bom and required.PNG 


Betreff: Multiply / Link Part List Columns

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Jarpn1



I think, there is no direct method to achieve what You have mentioned and I also think this - from the sight of BOM and ERP - is nbot the 100% correct way.


What I can suggest here is, to build first a new assembly, where You insert Your top assembly once.


Then You can give to it a user defined quantity - in Your case "6"


From that order assembly (6 times the wanted assembly) with a unique order number You build a new draft and create Your BOM


For that BOM You can take out the total quantity when turning on this option.