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My first weld, not going well

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Attached is a simple model file. I have been attempting to add a groove weld that miters two tubes. I have not been able to make a weld that fills the entire gap flush with the tubes.


Could any explain the steps to get this done. It just so happens this is the first weld ever I'm trying to add to an SE model. Not easy.


I have already created the weld prep as desired.


Edited..added the frame member difinition




Re: My first weld, not going well

@12GAGE, Assemblies require a supporting cast of parts.

Bruce Shand
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Re: My first weld, not going well

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I did not use "pack and go" to get the frame members in the file. Editing, sorry about that

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Betreff: My first weld, not going well

Hi 12gage,

I have made a video showing the groove welding for one single chamfer surface, but it will be equal for all of them.


The issue is, that You have to change the options to extend to surface and You have to define the border elements first.


See the video:



Betreff: My first weld, not going well


may I give a PS.



What I'm astonished a little, is, the many sketches You have done for those 2 frames.


I rebuild the situation for my example only using 2 lines for the sketches defining the frames.




Betreff: My first weld, not going well

For cases like this use the optional steps to define the curves on the "base/first" side of the bead. This defines the loft curves to make the bead solid. Creating beads like this is one of the trickier modeling operations in SE. I actually have always wanted to break this complicated command up into a couple of simpler specific commands.


If you need a lot of similar beads I would create them in a part file and then place them as parts in the ASM or create them as multi-body in a single part file.


Hope this helps.




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Betreff: My first weld, not going well

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Thank you. I was able to follow. Tough for my very first weld. Should be down hill from here. At first I thought it had something to do with how you turned things on and off. I'm a zoom and pan guy myself.



Betreff: My first weld, not going well

For bead creation the selection can be tricky so I turn parts on and off.


I Pan, Zoom, Rotate as well. (Middle mouse button guy) Actually I am constantly messing with the view orienation when I run SE. In the past some have actually said they get seasick watching me model.


Bad on me for not using the new ST9 Toggle Display command, it's much more efficient for cases like this. (I'm an old dog that needs to learn the new trick)







Betreff: My first weld, not going well

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My weld situation is gettin much more complex. Let me ask a general question.


The sketches are for other parts and details in the model. I just stripped everyting but the two frame to post the model. Attached is a zoomed in screen shot of a complex area.


Before I get too deep into my first weld modeling, does it make any differance in drafting how the welds are created? Any model element can have a weld symbal attached? I have some crazy weld needed for this project.




Nevermind. Figured out all the drafting tools. It does not matter what's goin on in the model, anythign can be drafted.


Now the next problem is attempting to take the weld properties to make an actual material for when the welds are done manually. I think Imics did a vid on this recently if I can find it.



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I just took steel, copied, and used the weld bitmap......gets me going at least.


Rocking and rolling.....back on track. I thought others may like the step by step of figuring things out