NEW 3D printing Technology from Carbon3D

Very exciting to see a new approach to 3D Printing. This has great potential because it's very fast.


"Traditional 3D printing requires a number of mechanical steps, repeated over and over again in a layer-by-layer approach. CLIP is a chemical process that carefully balances light and oxygen to eliminate the mechanical steps and the layers.

It works by projecting light through an oxygen-permeable window into a reservoir of UV curable resin. The build platform lifts continuously as the object is grown."


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Re: NEW 3D printing Technology from Carbon3D

I am not into 3D printing much, just a peripheral observer but this new Carbon technology appears to be refreshingly new.

Can this be called additive manufacturing ?
Looks more like casting or a reverse osmosis where material changes form and crytallizes into the desired shape.
If the video was not FFed, its certainly faster too.


Re: NEW 3D printing Technology from Carbon3D

I wonder what kind of compromise in strength/durability of the material compared to PLA/ABS you end up with to get something that can be printed so quickly.

-Dylan Gondyke