Need Help ST9 2D Draft


Hi all,


I need some help with editing the following part of a 2D Draft in Solid Edge ST9. I'm new, and can't seem to find any tutorials regarding this matter.


Thank you in advance.




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Hi Oscar,

can You explain, what You want to edit?


This is the standard title block of an ISO draft template.

It is a block which is placed on the background sheets


So if You search for blocks, templates, background etc. You will find possible next steps to go further.




Re: Need Help ST9 2D Draft

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Hi there @OscarDill,


If you go to the "VIEW" tab, hover your cursor over the "Background" command from the "Sheet Views" group, then, press "F1" on your keyboard, this cool little Windows trick will not only invoke the Help file, but go directly to the topic directly relating [where available] to that item the cursor is over.


Basically, you need to activate the "Background" sheet[s] to then have them selectable for editing.....and some of the property text is formated, in order to automatically retrieve the document information.

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