Need a Student License

Hi there!

I´m from Germany and I tried to download ST8 but for some reason the download speed is very por for the last 2 weeks. A friend of mine gave me his installer on USB Stick for ST8 but now I need a License file.

I am a student of mechanical engineering. A received a automatically generated email but no license file. It says the key is embedded.




Re: Need a Student License

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Please read your Email carrefully.


This Email contains the academic Code that you have to copy then paste it during the first use of Solid Edge.


You have 2 codes in your Email // For 32 Bit -not ST8- & 64 Bit that you could use for ST8



Re: Need a Student License

No there is no licence.

This is what its written in the email:

Dear Student,

Thank you for registering for the latest version of Siemens Solid Edge Student Edition.

To ensure Solid Edge runs efficiently please check your computer meets the Solid Edge Operating System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, or Professional, 64-bit only
  • Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64-bit only

See Note 1 below if your computer is still running on 32-bit Operating System.
See Note 2 below if your computer is running Windows 10.

Please click here and select the software language required.

Solid Edge Student Edition has an embedded license which will activate during installation. This embedded license is allocated to you and will not expire, providing you with a perpetual academic license.


Re: Need a Student License



could you please post your question in the Solid Edge Academik Blog, so you will be able to get the right answer from students, who have downloaded the last version and install it...