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Need help with reinstalling


Greetings all,


I'm an vehicle enigneer student and I worked with Solid Edge Student Edition. I had a problem with my HDD and as i panicked I just simply saved a lot of stuff to a portable HDD , including the whole Solid Edge from Program Files and oh, the irony, the portable HDD died and my laptop's didn't. Then I wanted to download a St10 Student Edition (I had St8), but of course i couldn't. Then I tried to delete from programs and services but couldn't because I don't have an installation folder. I force deleted it with the Wise Program Uninstaller and I also checked the whole computer for anything connected to Siemens and Solid Edge. The Windows still don't let me install because It feels somewhere an already installed version of the program. I'm out of ideas please help me guys i need to start a direction changer drive. (The picture says "Another version of Solid Edge is already installed. To install you have to remove the existing product.)





Re: Need help with reinstalling

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

You would probably get more help in the "Solid Edge" forums, (and I've never used Solid Edge) but...

I'm guessing there is a registry entry somewhere.

If you know the folder where it WAS, try searching the registry for that folder.

Or try looking in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\...

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Re: Need help with reinstalling


Thanks, in Solid Edge forum i found some solved discussions about the problem Smiley Happy