New server... Transferring SE Files?

We are in the process of transferring all of our files, including SE stuff, to our new server. Is there a method of transferring all of these files to the new server in a bulk process so as to retain the links between the cfg, asm, psm, dft files? 


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Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

To do that in the past i have used this method (that i very quick and without any issue).


Copy all the Solid Edge data from the main folder in old server to the main folder in the new server.

For example:


From:      \\oldserver\data\drawings\

To:          \\newserver\work\data\drawings\


then when the transfer is complete use revision manager tools "redefine links", select the main folder in new server to perate, and give the old link and the new link. (more detailed info are in the revision manager help ).


Be sure that you correctly write the paths

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

I have similar issues. Are you saying every single link will need to be re-typed in? This is Exactly what I want to avoid.


I think the question is: How does one move the files AND keep links in tact for over 1000 files. Almost every file includes links.

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

Yes, this is EXACTLY what I am asking.

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Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

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You only need to type in the portion of the filename that changes. So for example, if only "\\oldserver\

needs to change to "\\newserver\, then you just type that much in. It looks in every link automatically and does a simple replacement. It works quite well and is very fast. I have done it on our entire database at least 3 times now with companies buying us and forcing us to rename our servers to meet their naming conventions. Our database is somewhere around 25 GB.


First of all, do a good backup. Then run it on a small set of files, one folder maybe, to make sure you understand how it works. Then go for it. But make a backup in case you mess something up!


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Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

Exactly, I may have wrote it in a quick way, what you have to type is ONLY the part of the path that changes.


As I said you should have a look at the "redefine link" help , it is explained pretty well.

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

The point, and the question is: How can this be avoided? Any operation required for each file moved is too much manpower. Yes the revision manager allows editing per final drawing, but that still 100's or 1000's of operations to simply "move" files.

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

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The point and the question is: There is nothing to avoid, "redefine link" does NOT work per single file but for a WHOLE path of files. Why you don't read the help of "redefine links" and give it a try ?


first chose the root folder where all your files are stored and click next.


then define the old path and the new path and click next


review what you have chosen and select next to start


Press the Help button at any step for very detailed explanations.


hope its clear now.

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

The tool you are talking about allows you to repair the links from the file you are in. The revision manager also allows the same thing without opening the file.


The issue is when you need to move 1000's of drafting file each with say 20 assembly created parts.


is this the "help" you were talking about?


It all comes down too, how easy is it to move files. If there are any additional steps, then moving is avoided at all costs.

Re: New server... Transferring SE Files?

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Copy paste from the help you did quote:


Redefining links

When you move documents from one location to another, sometimes the links to these documents break. The Redefine Links command, located on the Tools menu, allows you to redefine the links on a selected set of files. 


- end of copy paste -


The selected set of files are chosen by you, and you can chose a whole disk. (as shown in the first picture above)

I think you are confused on what that tool works on, it does not work on the eventually file opened in revision manager but it work on a specified folder, that you have to select.


You can also open the view and mark up from the start menu, then go in tools and launch the 'redefine links'.


To move the files itself you just use any program you prefer, for example the standard "Windows Explorer". When you have moved the files, use the redefine links to chance the old path to the new path.