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New to this Forum, need basic help

Hi, i have justy downloaded the 2D software. I have been using AutoCad for the last few years in a limited way, but would like to start using this new program. I am use to clicking on the page with my mouse and typing in a line length and hitting enter, and the line would finish at the lenth typed. Hoe do you get this software to do that? Also are there provisions for drawing limmits. eg, 12000mm horisontal and 8000mm vertical??

Please help..... Fernando

Re: New to this Forum, need basic help

The fields in the command bar to the right are active.
The Line command has a Length and Angle.
If the Length is highlighted, you can key in the length.
Click for the first point and then key in the length.
Pres 'Tab' to accept the length specified.
You can use 'Tab' to walk through the UI.
The line will lock onto this length.
Now you can enter an angle or dynamically drag the line around at the
specified length.
Click again places the line at the length specified.
Rick B.