New zoom to selection tool

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Solid Edge's View Fit tool has Ctrl+Fit for zoom to sheet (background) and Shift+Fit for zoom to all elements or drawing objects including those outside the sheet's border.




This new tool zooms in to just the selected objects. I got the hint to make this from SolidWorks which introduced it in R2015.


Download the macro and source code from page 5 of this detailed Solid Edge Maker Faire tutorial and report any bugs or improvements requried:

Zoom To Selection for Solid Edge


Tushar Suradkar



Re: New zoom to selection tool

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The Solid Edge Assembly environment has provided this command for quite a while (this screen shot is from ST3) - select multiple objects and right-click to show the context menu.



Re: New zoom to selection tool

Imics 1st Gear
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Yes, but this macro works in draft! Smiley Wink


Thanks for it! It works well "all" selected elements (balloons, drawing views, etc...)




Re: New zoom to selection tool

Tushar 2nd Gear
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Thanks for the info GregLuckett. I was not aware of this feature in the assembly environment.


As Imi pointed out, this command is meant to work in the Draft environment only.

The macro clearly informs about this when executed.




@ImicsSome objects in Draft do not support 'zoom to' like Table, Parts List, Detail Envelop, etc. Hence this macro appropriately flags this:




  The speciality of this macro is it works with multiple selected objects as well.