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Newbie with a big question

How big a company can Solid Edge handle?
How many users and how many files / how much data?
New to a company with a Solid Edge installation that is on the edge of a (nervous) breakdown.

Not sure if the company has grown too big for a second string / MRE CAD system or it is just a poorly set up system containing a few system management bloopers.

Ex Ford and 10 yrpears out of CAD so my exposure is C3P / IDEAS with NG on the horizon.
Any rules of thumb on how many users Solid Edge can handle?


Re: Newbie with a big question


I'm guessing your SE installation is poorly managed/set up and not an issue as to whether or not Solid Edge is up to the task.


Dan Staples or others with greater knowledge can speak to this more, but I'm guessing 2,000 seats of SE is a viable route.

Re: Newbie with a big question

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


Sounds like your company needs to get your local reseller [VAR] to come to your site, in order to evaluate the issues & frustrations, to then provide a solution to reduce these.

There are so many variables that can inhibit productivity, that there is no one answer to suit all applications in a business, based solely on number of seats......the entire sub-system needs to be geared to make that work.


Not that I'm discounting asking other large site users/admins on this forum, as their experience and input is invaluable....just saying, this is why you pay maintenance, to get exactly this sort of guidance & support.

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Re: Newbie with a big question

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Solution Partner Phenom

It is not the CAD system which limits the size and/or the complexity of the installation  - at least in Solid Edge's case.

It is always the system management infrastructure which causes angst. In my experience it is the lack of rational standards or the lack of application of those standards which cause issues.

The first step in rectifying these problems is to recognise that there is a problem and to bring in qualified consultants to work through a solution.The issues must be owned at the highest levels within the organisation.

Then and only then you can look at a PLM/PDM structure to control and maintain procedures and standards. The world standard in my opinion being Teamcenter which works well with Solid Edge.



Re: Newbie with a big question


We have 18 users and are just about managing without any PLM/PDM system.

This creates problems because everyone seems to have their own idea of how to do things.

As Mark says, the biggest problem ( and that applies to any cad system) is managing the data.

You can create a whole lot of garbage very quickly if you don't get it right.

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Re: Newbie with a big question

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PLM World Member Legend

We have a very complex multi-site network with SE available on thousands of PCs.  I regularly see 100-200 simultaneous users and we have no problems at all with volume. 


All these users (students) are working on their own projects so there's no real product management issues however, thank goodness.



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