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Hello. Newbie in the house.


I am starting a new job and need to learn Solid Edge. Preferably online classes.


I have used CAD for 30 years. Started with UG then Pro/E and had a smattering of Solidworks and ACAD. Just a little you know I am not a complete new comer to CAD and 3D Cad.


I've played with st7 free trial. I'm pretty comfotablre with it. But boss wants me to take official classes.


He sent me the link he just randomly found.

Any good?


Recommendations? Remember - online and low cost is key.






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I haven't used that specific one, but I used years ago. It's $40 a month and has an extensive amount of information. They also have a "MYIGETIT" certification, still I think, that can be used to show that you have passed the courses.

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Welcome to the group.  I would also recommend the Self Paced Training courses provided with Solid Edge.  They are in the help section.  It's hard to beat free. Smiley Happy


Also, post any questions or issues on the Solid Edge Forum.  There are a lot of users who are glad to help out.



Kyle Joiner

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I used Solid Mastermind to get started. But once you get the basics, other vids were better.


Many of the video's at Ally PLM are very good.



The bid decision is sync or ordered. Pick one as your starter for the most basic parts, and keep using that one method.

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It seems that MYIGETIT are offering courses for Solid Edge versions [V19;ST1] ...



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Thank you for the welcome.


Good stuff so far everyone. I will leave this open for the remainder of the week. I have at least until then to come up with a proposal.


I am using 45 day trial now and using the tutorials that come with it. Yeah - free is good.


I am using ST7. The job is still on ST5. Any real issues traing on 7 for 5? Or should I actually train on 5? Not sure when they will upgrade. big issue here is...


The employer would like me to do work as "ordered" as opposed to "sync..." I see this is quite a hot bed for SE folks. I guess he is not ready for "sync.." However - the tutorials all throw in the sync stuff. So I am caught between a rock and a hard place. So far I've just quickly gone thru the steps and take in what I can.


I have 30+ years of CAD. I have used many CAD tool. They all basically work the same way these days. I personally think if I go thru the basics - help is always there to get me thru the task at hand. It's really just rleating apples to apples from one CAD system to another.


Comments? (perhaps should have done a separate post)?


Thanks again all........keep em coming.






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Sync and Ordered: Learn both. They work quite well together but obviously you'll need to concentrate on what the boss wants no matter the reasoning.

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@cs2kplus Welcome to the group! As you see, your fellow users are here to support you. And of course my team is too. Keep those questions coming and we will do our best to make sure you have a great transition!




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Thanks Dan! So far pretty good place.

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Welcome to the community.


You may want to turn on the "Maximum Assistance" Theme in Solid Edge which should give you a UI that is a bit more verbose and will help you get started quickly. You can switch to a space saving theme once the UI has become familiar.


See the attached image showing where you would set the theme.


Aditya Gurushankar

Aditya Gurushankar
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