No Units / Precision / Dual Units



I was looking for how to remove the precision of Sheet Metal Thickness!


Here is how to control the following:


1- Units (Disabled by Material Thickness)
2- Precision of Integers (/@0 for 0 Precision)
3- Dual Units






Betreff: No Units / Precision / Dual Units

Hi @YD



can You explain what exactly are Your intends?




Betreff: No Units / Precision / Dual Units

Hi @hawcad,


I was facing the following problems:


1-In Sheet Metal Drawing, the Thickness could be shown like this: t = n
And I wouldn't just write the Thickness n but I wanted to get the exposed Variable of the Thickness, so that if the Thickness is changed, it would be changed too in the Drawing, like any other Dimensions.


2-With the following Format for Sheet Metal Thickness:

t = %{Materialthickness/@0/CP|X.asm:Y.psm}

This will change the Thickness t=5,00 to t=5


You could be able to show the Dimensions value in mm & Inch too.



Betreff: No Units / Precision / Dual Units

/@n is for setting the precision (ie. number of decimal places and round up/down) for the value - it is not for removing trailing zeros.

In your example /@0 would show 5.4 as 5, or 5.6 as 6.

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Betreff: No Units / Precision / Dual Units



Yes, I'm using this format to avoid t=5,00 for Material Thickness.