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No idea how to fix this


OKay, my assistant went on vacation last week. He got back yesterday, and something is screwed up on his machine. Keeps getting a dialogue that is asking for the Solid Edge St9.msi file. But nothing prompted this. It's acting like we are wanting to proceed with installation of Solid Edge, which is already installed. This keeps happening persistently, even after a reboot. Eventually I extracted the Edge dvd to his machine to at least give it access to the msi file it keeps wanting us to browse to. Hoped this was going to fix this. Well, now instead it just keeps telling us that it's already detected a version of solid edge installed on the machine, and to first uninstall it before installing Solid Edge. Again, this just keeps doing this, even after reboot. The little dialogue will pop up saying it's preparing to install or whatever. I've tried to uninstall edge, but because that dialogue eventually pops up usually when it still in the gathering information to prepare to uninstall solid edge, the one that says solid edge is already installed and to uninstall first, because it pops up it stops the uninstall process. Also, when I have gone to try to uninstall the maintenence pack, it wont give the option to uninstall it. And actually it shows 4 of them. Clicking on any of them doesn't really list any information about them either. And I thought it should actually only show the latest maintenence pack available to uninstall? But In any case, it doesn't give any info about any of them or even give an option to uninstall them. I've also tried running a system restore a couple times. I have no idea what to do here.

Solid Edge 2019
Windows 7 Professional
Nvidia K2200 & Intel Xeon
"You're doing it wrong"