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We have around 20 lic. sometime lic is not available. We would like to know who are using the lic. is there any utility to check the license used?

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Try using the "License Borrowing" utility(search for it in your Windows Start menu).


It should also show at hte bottom what licences are issued and to whom - at least it does for us with a floating licence server.



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I'm pretty sure your server also has to be setup for this. At a previous employment we couldn't tell who was using what but at another place we could...

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Thanks for the input and information on this. I found "License Borrowing". But gives following attached msg. Any help on this appreciated Regards Venny

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it says" License file in the solid edge program directory can not contain the "USER_SERVER" INSTRUCTION. Contact your admin and obtain the lic file from the server

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there is a free tool available called LicenseUsage

It is a graphical user interface for the FlexLM status query and shows who is using which license in the network.


I think it was a thread here in the forum a couple of month (March) ago.


I have found it:






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Wolfgang Do we need install this in server? Mine is client machine Regards Venny

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There is a documentation page that explains how to use the tool:


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I use a macro written back in Nov. 2001 by a gentleman named Phil Bauman. Some of you real old timers might remember him. It creates a text file that looks as follows:



I would be happy to share it, but the other solutions offered here might be better. I have been using it a long time and it works so I never bothered trying anything else.


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