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since the user interface and look and feel of this forum has changed in the last time, I have seen, that - for me - theer is now way to enter any thread using an android tablet (e.g. at the weekand)


What I'm missing are the buttons to send my text, and there only is the "fast answer" button available.


Is this something only I am confronted and it has to do with some options and prefences of my tablet or is it something what came from the new interface?





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I've a same issue as yours... I use windows phone and iPad... Or is this an "European issue"? Smiley Happy




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Hi @Imics




I'm not shure wether this has to do with Europe or US or wathever.

If Europe, then our English collegues should see it similar and could report it too.


And I haven't seen any diferene wether I use an English interface or the German one.


At the moment there only is the issue, that I cann't not answer or use the forum via tablet with any operating system other then windows




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I see this from my Android phone, only the Quick replyScreenshot_2016-12-21-08-29-00.png






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Edit: I had no problem posting using my Kindle Fire which uses Amazon's Android variant.

Here's a screenshot from the device. Is this not what you see?



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Yeah, looks like there is no "send" button. I'll report this.

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Looks to be a fault in the new UI, in dynamic switching for "web vs. mobile" page display mode.....and there is also nolonger an option [link] to switch between them, like there used to be at the bottom of the page.

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