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Hi and especially Hi to @MLombard



my question is regarding the Solid Edge Blog.

May there everybody post an article or only people from Siemens?


Which criterias have to be fullfilled for posting someting there?


I'm interested to that since I think there are several infos and experiences we have
which might be valuable for sharing to the community


Thanks in advance


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it is my understading that both Siemens and Communiyt users alike would love for fellow users to contribute to the blog!!!   I would love to read for User POV.   as you know Matt Lombard is the proper contact to get you set up...  looking forward to your post(s)

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Hello hawcad
I'm looking forward to it .. ^^

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Yeah, I'll let just about anybody post, and in fact I've tried to recruit people. But the articles have to have some technical merit, not just opinion stuff. And I'd like a certain length of article. If you read what's there, you kind of get the idea of what I'm looking for. Why don't you contact me directly and we can talk about it. I think you have my siemens email?

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Matt has generously allowed me to write articles on the Solid Edge community blog over the past couple of years and I have managed to post 34 till date.


However, if you are typically looking forward to user interaction, comments to your blog posts, then be prepared for some disappointment, except for some praise from your close friends on the forum.


Your work will largely remain unread, unless you also start a discussion on the forum with a link to the blog post, the statistics tucked away somewhere deep in the private section of your profile and none of your blogs can be easily searched or listed, if someone wants to know.


Basically it is a thankless job, except that it will serve as a good platform if you are passionate about Solid Edge. So I'd suggest go ahead and share your profound Solid Edge knowledge with the World!

My best wishes !!




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Hi @Tushar



thanks a lot for Your comment and Your good wishes.


I think  I'm aware about the "silent" job man will do when posting within that blog.

I believe Your feeling about the fact that there will not be to much response nor thanks at all.


But - as You have said - I believe that it also is in our responsibility to share our experience and to hand over our knowledge to the following SE users.

Only so we will keep our  product alive and will develop ourselves and our product further.


And Yes, I see myself as Solid Edge "primary rock", since I'm with SE from the very first day at 1995.

And Yes I am in those very happy situation that my daily work more is a passion than a profession.


It also makes me happy to be able being a member of such a wonderful community with "friends" from all over the world.



So let as glow in that enthusiasm for "Solid Edge"  which at the end is our "Solid Edge"




apologize the not so perfect English but this time I tried to answer with more personal feeling rather than in technical issues.



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@hawcad, It's pretty clear from your kudo ranking, very helpful and general participation that you "ROCK" this forum as well.

Go rock the blog too.

Bruce Shand
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Hi @bshand



also thanks to You and those many others.

The "forum" this is not me, the forum that are we all together.

And with this spirit for Solid Edge let's keep and enforce it!



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Tushar paints a bit of a bleak picture. Building a community takes time and patience. You can't expect to get traffic like you're Kim Kardashian, but there are a lot of personal and professional rewards to writing for the public. I got started by making posts on the old Usenet newsgroups 20 years ago, just trying to help people the way you all do today. Then I had a simple website with stuff posted on it. Then a blog, now a community job. All of this was in addition to being an engineer. The great thing about forums and blogs is that everyone has access. You don't have to go to journalism school, and you can easily reach other people with the same interests.


The blog has increased in its range of people posting. It was originally just me, but now we have posts from several internal individuals, and sometimes external people like Tushar, and hopefully Wolfgang joins that group, and others have shown interest.


There are some posts with over 100,000 views, so it's possible to get a fair bit of exposure. We ask people to write on things that they know well, and that are fairly technical in nature, or things that other users will find interesting. Sometimes I have to write about news items, which is ok, but what I really prefer is writing about the software. We are coming up to the release of ST10 at some point, and that's my favorite thing to write about. Maybe you have a deep knowledge in some particular subject and you want to share it. Blog or Knowledge Base is a great place for that. The Forum/Blog/Community is only going to grow through quality of content. Everyone who adds to that is important. So I encourage people to volunteer for blog duty. I can clean up writing issues if you're worried about that.

Retired Community Manager for Solid Edge. This account is no longer active.

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Hi @MLombard



Yes it is a pleasure and a honor to become member of this wonderful group
and I will try to share our experience and knowledge about Solid Edge to this community


Give me some time to write down a first article.


And again thanks to Matt for his tireless encouragement for our Solid Edge group