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For those of you that like new stuff in CAD give OnShape a try (it's free to try).  The concurrent access of multiple users is an eye opener - never seen anything like that before...watching other people's edits real time from anywhere in the world!  Nice that you can run from any computer or phone too.

Long way to go, but interesting to see if this takes off.




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Not Solid Edge so not really that interesting. Robot tongue


I think it funny they call it "The future of CAD" & "The world has changed, so why hasn't CAD?"....and yet, it's NOT the CAD part that is changing, it's ONLY the delivery method.


While the cloud is a handy optional accessory, I have no intention of being a CAD on the cloud user. Especially when, in this case, it is their only option offered. [no desktop version or offline use]

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SeanCresswell wrote:


...the cloud is ...   ...their only option offered. [no desktop version or offline use]


What ? is that so. Then its scary !!


It warms the cockles of my heart to know that Solid Edge is available on the Desktop, Laptop, Cloud and works perfectly on mobile devices like the Surface Pro.




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What Onshape has done in terms of making cloud based CAD useable is incredible and if all you are used to is SW or SE ordered then it is probably interesting.  But now that I have pushed through the pain barrier and genuinely got to grips with Sync there is no way I could go back to that stuff.  I've tried doing some small projects on Onshape but all it has done is make me appreciate how good Sync is in comparison.  It is maybe just the type of work I do (fairly simple parts and sheet metal) but the Onshape workflow is painful in comparison.

I know they keep saying "we have direct edit" but it is really only good for small changes to a finished model, otherwise it soon gets messy and impossible to edit.

I think the SE guys realized the limitation of the "move face" thing and that is why they developed Sync.


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Agreed that the CAD is nothing new at all.  The part here to look at is the file managment and distribution.


I could imagine a system where SE is distributed over the internet in a similar fashion by something like Teamcenter from your own cloud server - full circle back to centralized computing.  Now you have mobility anywhere.  No need for mirroring servers/vaulting - just make sure they have a computer that can run a browser and internet - open for business anywhere in the world!  That opens a lot doors for more flexible design/downstream user arrangements not possible today without massive overhead.

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I did try On Shape for few hours and the show stopper for me is the lack of a draft environment.

Marketing can blame that the 2D drawing are dead but in the real world I can't produce \ order \ buy \ sell anything without it.

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@KTM  "open for business anywhere in the world! "


Yes exactly... and that's where it ends for me.  Most of if not all the work I do is NOT for "anywhere in the world"... or anyone.

And as far as I know "file management and distribution" is also nothing new.


Until the Internet is secure and 100% reliable, this will be nothing more then a solution looking for a problem. But unfortunately when companies are trying to compete with the existing marketplace, just having another 3D Modeler isn't enough to attract investment.


So KTM do you use Solid Edge and just tried OnShape out, or are you affiliated with them?  Either way, your comments are welcome by me, but I think we all need to know more about you, for us to truly value your opinion.


I look forward to your response.



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Well said Bob. I fully endorse your viewpoint.


IMHO, since they (OnShape) started from ground up and also use the Parasolid kernel as Solid Edge, they had every opportunity in the world to provide synchronous like functionality which would have given them an advantage; so they seem to have missed the bus here.


Futher, their nearest competitor Fusion360 has freeform modeling whereas OnShape is restricted to prismatic only, no surfacing. So again no incentives here too even giving it a try.




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I'm quite sure that "Synch" technology is a prerogative of Siemens CADs and not given out to others with Parasolid.

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Oh, no, no...

My emphasis was on 'since they started from ground up', and not on the use of Parasolid as an opportunity to make something that would seriously challenge the prowess of ST, especially since none of the established CAD programs appear to be in a position to get anywhere near to what ST can do.


I hold ST as a benchmark for any existing or new CAD program before they claim to be belonging to the future or any such big hype.