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On the topic of callouts....


Hi everybody,


Even though it has been better than a few months now, I still find myself grappling with translating functionality across CAD platforms. But I think I'm getting better! Also, please forgive me if the answers may have been recently presentd, I've searched as thoroughly as I could.


As I'm trying to undertsand the functionality of draft callouts, it seems that they work similarly to other packages I've worked with. The leader finds the feature class or type by ID and reports it. At least, it does for holes and bends. Is there a feature callout for chamfers? Others?


This leads me to ask, can I build my own callout property text from, say, a user-defined feature? If I want to call out D-sub cutouts with a particularly formatted callout, or cbores/csinks with tolerances? I guess what I'm looking for is some in-depth documentation on callout usage.


Any help is appreciated.

Solid Edge ST6 - Unmanaged
Win7 Pro - Dell Precision Xeon rig, 16Gb, Quadro M2000

Re: On the topic of callouts....

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Hello Papasaurus,
editing callout is possible. You can edit it in Callut dialog box, and save it with any name.
Edited callout are stored in DraftCallout.txt (main folder of ST9\Template\Reports).