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Re: One More Reason to Attend SEU

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Community Manager

@KennyG Sorry I didn't mean "low end" in pricepoint -- nor in capability. Really I was just referring to the graphics card, which as you say is not a dedicated card. Really a poor choice of words. The Surface Pro 4 is not exactly cheap -- but you get what you pay for. There is no other device (I really think this is true) that can run Solid Edge both so portably and so capably on the desktop at the same time. 

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: One More Reason to Attend SEU


"The Surface Pro 4 is not exactly cheap"


For what you get any Surface Pro I think it's a bargain.  I spent over $4,000 on a DELL M90 back in 2009, and it was just OK to run V20 on.


Now with Surface Pro class tablet/laptop and running ST8 with Synchronous Technology, the experience is truly fun and productive. Am I saying I'd give up my workstation here at work... not at all. But if you really want the freedom to take your work with you, there's nothing like the Surface Pro out there. It's the touchscreen that make this work. Steve Jobs was soooo wrong on this when he claimed:  "We've done tons of user testing on this, and it turns out it doesn't work. Touch surfaces don't want to be vertical."


As many know here on this forum, I've always been able to rationalize expensive hardware, simple based on "will it make me more productive". And my Surface Pro stands out as probably the best decision I ever made, other then my decision to use Solid Edge.... and eventually get on board using Synch!



So if your budget is tight, you can get good deals on the SP3s now... you won't be disappointed and you'll still have a great performing machine.