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Open Save

Hi All,


We used to use the Solid Edge "Open Save" function, in conjunction with a 3rd party add-in called "Thread Tools"


Settings in the Thread Tools program included:

- Hide Sketches & Planes on save

- Update Mass

- Update Drawing Views

- Set to Isometric View


Using the Open Save program at the end of a project, provided assurance that the Mass's were up to date, Drawings were all up to date, and we had a nice set of Icons in the windows explorer off all the parts.


Unfortunately, Thread Tools has not worked for a few versions, and it now appears that Open Save does not work well in Windows 10.


Does anyone have any tips on how to acheive this 'clean-up' outcome, as some of the features of the old style 3rd party programs have been integrated into SE proper over the years.




David Finlay

Re: Open Save

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

@trangimagineering, can't answer to the TreadTools, but are you using a saved off version of OpenSave from years ago or are you using the fresh version shipped with ST8/9?  I have not seen issues using the OpenSave shipped wih ST9 on Windows10.

Production: SE 2019 MP8, Testing: SE 2020