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Opening Files


Hi I have downloaded the student version of ST4 and modeled a few parts on it. I wish to open these parts on my university computer which uses the university version of Solid Edge however an error appears (I have attached a print screen)

Has anyone ever experienced the same problem and how can I resolve this issue?



Re: Opening Files

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
Hi there,

If I understand you correctly....(can't quite make out the error message clearly)
I think you'll find that Solid Edge "Student Edition" has a completely unique file that stops it being used directly across other Academic & Commercial versions of the software.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge ST10 [MP6] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: Opening Files

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
The Solid Edge Student Edition is 100% compatible with the Solid Edge University Edition. All files created, or saved in these academic editions can NOT be opened on the commercial versions of Solid Edge.

The problem you're experiencing is most likely due to a corrupt file. May I suggest you created a basic/simple part, say and cude, in your Student Edition and then open this file up in the University Edition.