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let me ask this simple question about the Solid Edge Konwoledge Base


I wondered that there, for a long, long time, there was an article from last year on top.

I thought, strange that there are no newer articels coming.

I search also for post regarding the SEU 2016


And yesterday I found that there are newer posts somewhere in the middle of the page,
but - and this is the question - I'm not able to change the sort order  by date (button is light grey).

It seems to be possible to sort by comments or views but not via date


Is this a question of a personal setting, the used browser (but I tested it also with a second one),
or is it still as it is?




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There are sections of the community that even to me don't make any sense. This is one of them. It appears to give you the ability to sort the list on number of views each article has had, and also the number of comments, but these functions don't actually seem to do anything.


The first article is a "featured" article, and it's my fault that it doesn't get much attention. The Knowledge Base really only gets major attention once a year - right after SEU, when I add SEU presentations to the KB. This will be happening very shortly. Sometimes I take highly useful forum discussions and turn them into a KB article, but that is relatively rare.


The KB is really meant to be something that is searched, rather than browsed, so the default order is less meaningful.

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Hi Matt @MLombard,

thanks for the info and now I know that I didn't miss anything.


But IMHO a sort option might not so bad within KB.

i found it a very useful and practicable place to get information.

And Yes, surely it is one of the favorite places for download the SEU articles.


Will they be available as single items or will they be also avaialable as a single zip file for the complete SEU infos?




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They will be available as single articles, not a collected mass.

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@MLombard, Excuse me if I missed it, but when and where will they be?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP5 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

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They will be in the Knowledge Base this week. May start showing up today. It usually takes 2 days to get the bulk of them up, and then maybe a couple more days to get the stragglers.