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Ordered Sheet Metal File, .psm, Refusing To Save


Hi all I've been working on a sheet metal part now for a few hours and when i went to save Solid Edge told me it couldn't save the file. Anyone else have this issue? I should mention i'm running Solid Edge ST8.

Sheet Metal 1.pngSheet Metal 2.pngSheet Metal 3.png


Re: Ordered Sheet Metal File, .psm, Refusing To Save

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have had that happen to be before. I think the problem was the server not allowing me to overwrite the file name that may already existed. The server would not let go of the older file until SE was re-started.


I'm now in the habbit of saving and naming files before I add the first sketch.


Since I moved ALL my model files to my local drives, I sill can't delete files that had been used in the current session of SE until it is closed.