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Origin Problems

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I have the origin dimensions working ok. I have set the origin.
I want to draw a circle at say x 65.4 y 65.4
and another at x 65.4 225.4 relative to my origin.
The coords are shown on the screen relative to my origin, however there is no way
to edit them relative to my origin and position the circles exactly where I want
them. Going back to properties is just plain confusing.
Also if I want to nudge or move the co ord of the circle vertically or horizontal
there does not seem to be a way to restrain the movement to these directions ie
with the shift alt or ctrl keys or move them by a small increment.


Re: Origin Problems

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When you say 'origin dimensions', I assume you are talking about the
coordinate dimension. You can edit the value of these dimensions by clicking
on the text of the dimension. Either key in the new value or change it using
the scroll wheel. Make sure you have Maintain Relationships enabled for the
dimensions to drive the geometry.
Rick B.