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Is there a way to control offset plane rotation?


First off, Look at your origin. When a plane of offset (within assembly, add offset plane feature)

in the X arrow direction, planes are offset +

in the Y arrow direction, planes are offset -

in the Z arrow direction, planes are offset +


---why o why are they all not +. When trying to construct a model for spread sheet links to plane position, it would be much more intuative if the arrow was always in the + direction. I'm trying to avoid the need to change signs of linked numbers to spreadsheets. There is no "Flip" for plane offset dimensions.


To make things more complicated, when going to a sketch view, sometime up is not as expected. How does one rotate the sketch view 90,180,270? ---ie I want to change the default "up" for any given sketch view. if that is not posible, what convention is used to control this so that I can predict what axis is up and create accordingly.


I would expect +z to be up if Z is on the plane, otherwise I would expect +y to be up (actually -Y because of orogin issue.


Can anybody provide some insight into this?


I think there are some plane rotation hot keys...when are they used?


Re: Origin, +-, planes

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If creating a ref plane from another ref plane, it is always oriented the same... no way to change.  If creating from a face, there are hotkeys (see status bar) to rotate it and flip the z axis.


In regards to the Y axis, the coordinate system legs are to represent the "X or Y axis of the resulting plane that any two form (So a Z-Y plane has the Y leg representing the positive X-axis and an X-Y plane has the Y leg representing the Y-axis).  They are not meant to designate the resulting "Z-axis" for a planes normal, therefore the Z-X plane is oriented and offset correctly using a positive offset.


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