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Out of Ordered

I have been asked to stick with ordered as opposed to sync for now at new job. So...ordered it is. Boss likes it.


Having 2 problems right now. ST5. New to SE.


I have a round shaft and need 8 holes equally spaced all around the circumference. When I go into pattern it says for rectangular and circular. However it seems to be stuck in rectangular. I looked on internet and looks like ST5 does show an icon for circular. I don't get it. I have a lead hole to start from and select it for the pattern. But no options for circular come up?!


Problem 2 is trying to make a chamfer with 2 setbacks on edge of shaft. I select 2 setbacks and returns with 2 fields and I select what I think are correct references but it won't let me complete the chamfer.


Is this an "ordered" problem? Not having a good morning - already.




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Forget the chamfer problem. I was just not picking things in the right order.

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I am using ST7, but I think ST5 is similar. When you are in the Sketch step, look for the Features box under the Home tab and you should see 2 buttons. One is for Rectangular Pattern and the other is Circular Pattern - the one you need.

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I think the root of my problem is that the hole on the tangent surface is failing. I am doing something wrong. I found something on youtube that might help. I think I am not properly snapping to a keypoint.

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I am starting a new thread