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Overall dimensions in assy, part, psm




Is there a method to generate the overall dimensions of parts, assemblies, or bended sheetmetal parts and combine them into a custom property for use in BOM's etc.


Would like to do this through automation..


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Re: Overall dimensions in assy, part, psm

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Honored Contributor

I do this, but it's not easy. And once you use the word "Combine", no chance. each variable has to be handled individually for both capture and display.


What I do is start my designs with exactly that in mind. I create planes that are a bounding box in x,y, and z. Then I use the planes to create the part, then display the plane location variables in both the title block and parts lists.


The big advantage of this is I move a plane, and that re-sizes the part and the drafting display about that part.


Not easy, lots of set up, but it can be done.


In sync, all you need to do add a dimension for each extent you want to display. then display them.

Re: Overall dimensions in assy, part, psm

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Solution Partner Creator

You can also do that in ordered mode with PMI. The dimension is driven, but it is a variable you can expose in the variable table. Then you can find it in your draft, callout or BOM. You can also get PMI dimension to display in your draft even if it is in ordered mode.


It would be difficult to completely automate that. But if you are willing to place manually those 3 dimensions as you like when your design is finished (or almost), and name those dimensions according to your draft template, then it can work out.


You cannot create a property or variable that combine all of them BUT...

you can display several properties in a callout or in a BOM cell. Just add the codes.


I'm not sure if it helps you.


I wanted to try for a long time to develop a macro that do that kind of things. I'm not sure if it is possible or how difficult it would be...

Nicolas Bernard, Application Engineer, Solid Edge French Resseller

Re: Overall dimensions in assy, part, psm

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That thread is on the same topic and may be of interest

Bruce Shand
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