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Override Relationship breaks

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(Solid Edge ST8 MP12, Windows 10)


I have a cabinet assembly containing a door assembly that has an angle relationship applied to it.  I can edit the angle and the door opens and closes as expected with no errors in other relationships.  However, I am encountering problems trying to use this as an adjustable assembly in the next level up.


In the next level assembly, I have marked the cabinet assembly as adjustable, and I can right-click the door's angle relationship and select "override relationship".  Overriden relationship shows up in cabinet assembly as expected, but it shows up broken, even if I don't attempt to change the value.


I created a brand new assembly of the cabinet to make sure I wasn't over contraining the doors in the higher assembly, and I still get the broken overriden relationship.


Tooltip for the broken relationship says, "This assembly relationship has failed because the parent geometry has been lost in: [door].psm, [frame sub asm].asm"


Assembly hierarchy (see images below for more details)

  • product (asm)
    • cabinet (adj asm)
      • door top asm (asm) - angle mate shows up in "product" asm and can choose to override
        • door sub asm (asm)
          • door (psm) - has angle relationship to frame
      • frame top asm (asm) - 42-00-40364601+D.asm referenced in relationship
        • frame sub asm 1 (asm) 
          • frame sub asm 2 (asm) - asm called out as parent geometry missing
            • frame member (psm) - used as reference for angle relationship
    • other parts

Am I missing something fundamental?


Performing override relationshipPerforming override relationship

Relationship immediately brokenRelationship immediately broken

42-06-40362201+B is the frame member used as relationship reference42-06-40362201+B is the frame member used as relationship reference



Re: Override Relationship breaks

What is 42-00-40364601+D assembly? I don't see it in the pathfinder but it's what the angle relationship is trying to reference.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Override Relationship breaks

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Hi bshand,


42-00-40364601+D.asm is the "frame top asm" that I outlined above.  I updated my original post.


Pathfinder is WAY to big to post and I think provide any better information.  Just the full expanded "door top asm" is too big to fit on my 2K screen. 




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Re: Override Relationship breaks

Is it because when the relationship was promoted it wants a face in the top assy but doesn't have one? Can you edit the relationship to select a useful face at the top level?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Override Relationship breaks

I still don't know why the promoted relationship is breaking.  But your comment lead me to do something different which worked!


I thought that I had to rely on the relationships in the adjustable assembly, but I just figured out that that is not the case.  If the adjustable assembly is unconstrained, you can just apply more contraints onto it in the higher assembly.


In this case, the cabinet assembly was fully constrained, so I promoted the angle relationship, then supressed it!  This made it undercontrained and allowed me to add a new relationship which does work.  I applied the angle relationship using the exact same parts (door and frame member) and had no problem!