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PC specs for Solid Edge


Hi all


just thought I would share my PC specs as I've seen a few people with SE speed issues.


I recently added more RAM to my self assembled machine and it's running ST9 MP03 without any major trouble. Before I added more RAM it was beginning to slow down in a medium sized assembly (255 total parts, 42 unique parts, 6 simplified parts, 3 levels, 10 subassemblies, 5 unique subassemblies, 140.62MB)


Intel NUC Mini PC Kit NUC6I5SYH A$599

fitted with

Intel 540s Series 240GB SSD, m.2(SATA) A$119

1x Kingston KVR21S15S8/8 8GB (1x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4 SODIMM A$69

1x Kingston KVR21S15D8/16 16GB (1x16GB) 2133MHz DDR4 SODIMM A$135


that's it


the PC kit has the same graphics engine as a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i7 and the processor from the i5.


one tip with this setup is to keep the graphics driver up to date manually, the automatic driver update doesn't always do the job.


I've also witnessed a speed improvement when updating my monitor, I'm now using a BENQ EW2775ZH A$329


Is this the cheapest SE CAD workstation in the world?



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Re: PC specs for Solid Edge

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Awesome info Tony [ @MazCAD ].....imagine if it were aslo a touchscreen monitor. [almost a Surface Studio Robot wink ]


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Re: PC specs for Solid Edge


Smiley Happy


I think my arms would get tired


But I am wondering when we will see SE on an Occulus Rift...



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Re: PC specs for Solid Edge


Whauw, that's interesting !


Can you tell me a bit more about your configuration setup.

Can you add 3 monitors to it ? And does the GPU have enough power to support them.


Is it your daily used Solid Edge workstation or just testing for fun ?

What's the largest asm you have opened with this Intel NUC.


Anyway it would be a great replacement for a LARGE and HEAVY desktop i think in the future

if they also produce mini pc's with pro GPU's in it.

And better would be that I simply grap my smartphone in the morning with solid Edge running on it.

And nothing more ! bye bye desktop,notebook and tablet.

So I guess I will be seeing this before I go on pension Smiley Happy

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge ST6 user !!!!

Re: PC specs for Solid Edge


here's a link to the Intel page with specifications


it has two video outputs, 1x full-size HDMI & 1x mini displayport


here are the assembly stats for the largest assembly I have




here's a video of it in action


it's a bit jumpy when zooming because I'm using a mouse wheel


there's also a video of a zoom operation using a 3D controller


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