PDM Roll Call


Show of hands please.


What are you using for your PDM software?

Would you choose it again if you had a choice?

Other thoughts.


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After using Insight for about 6 years we migrated to SESP about 4 years ago. My answer to your question is "yes" given the following:


  1. We already had SharePoint.
  2. SESP is well priced.
  3. SESP is well integrated with Solid Edge.
  4. We have a single CAD environment.



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Theodore Turner

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bshand 2nd Gear
2nd Gear

Using Insight here with 9 users. It's a decent solution for small companies IMO. I've used Teamcenter elsewhere but that was with a larger number of workstations spread across the globe which justified its expense and overhead. If we were starting now we might consider built-in data management even though it doesn't seem quite ready for prime time but Siemens seems intent on improving it. SESP would be another possibility but I wonder sometimes if Insight and SESP aren't headed to the orphanage given the lack of attention to promoting them by Siemens. Haven't considered 3rd party apps.

Bruce Shand
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That's an interesting question. But begs a follow-up question. How many people knew and understood the limitations of their system before they purchase? That is really what you need to know. Buying the wrong product for PDM can be a business nightmare.


Siemens PLM offers several different flavors and options over the last 7 years. I will say, coming from a company that used SW, that Siemens PLM is doing a great job of providing a migration path for the customers- migration in the sense of company growth. Here you are not trapped by the limitations of your tools as you grow.

The competition, like SW, has too many different variations and tools that do not work together or do not have easy ways of "stepping up." Siemens continues to offer tools that are based on common applications that companies may already have access. SESP is a great example of that. Teamcenter RapidStart is a path that allows you to move from "PDM" to full blown multi-CAD, multi-site PLM processes. You have everything it's just a matter of getting the correct licensing to unlock what you need.


Are you considering PDM?

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Thanks to all for taking time to respond...


We currently have 20 design engineers and have been managing our CAD data with Insight for the past 15 years or so.  We are not using the file status controls (i.e. Pre-Released, Released, etc.), so you always have to take care not to overwrite legacy data.  We've also done significant customization to interface with our ERP system which means each new part number needs to be created individually as well as new draft files...this is a very time consuming and tedious task.  We also want to incorporate engineering workflows.


That said, we had a short (and unsuccessful) stint with Teamcenter Express 5 or 6 years back, but reverted to Insight due to abismal performance issues.  We are now reviewing a small group of PDM suppliers (there aren't many) who (supposedly) work seamlessly with Solid Edge.  We are also considering Teamcenter Rapid Start.  There is a cost and perceived administration disadvantage to this software, however it will do what needs to be done for a premium.

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KennyG 2nd Gear
2nd Gear

Can you possibly share your short list?


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PLM World Member Phenom

I can give you my short list @Grundey.


We either 1) invest in updating Teamcenter and rollout the proper modules to get the functionality to finally make Teamcenter work for us instead of us working for it,


2) Aras.


Windchill and Enovia aren't even under consideration. Kenesto would be, but not for the nature of the work we do.  In the meantime, I'm working everything I can to utilize BiDM to get some sort of order from the chaos.  I'd honestly consider CM Pro or ConfigIT, but those aren't well known in our industry and the support from and for our supply chain would be too difficult.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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I'll try to be brief...also I'm sure that some of the reps I've spoken with are members of this group, so I'll be discrete as well.


First off, we have quite a lot of customized programming connecting our CAD and ERP systems, so we don't want to lose that investment.  In addition, we  want to incorporate some level of releasing documents through an EC workflow.


That said, here's my short list:

1. Mechworks PDM:

We've been reviewing Mechworks PDM extensively and feel that its capabililties are impressive.  Interfacing with their API also appears to be a non-issue for our IT staff, and we are expecting the administrative overhead for this product to be less than for a Teamcenter RS implementation.  MW is also competively priced with options for floating seats if required.  In addition, I've spoken with a couple of long time users of this product and they are relatively happy with MW and their tech support.  The downside is that the interface is somewhat dated and the workflows not neccessarily intuitive.  The upside of that is that the GUI can be manipulated (i.e. simplified) as required for specified groups.  One serious drawback for the marketing of MW is that all of the online videos are in Italian.

2. Design Data Manager (DDM):

DDM covers all the PDM bases and its interface is very clean.  There are also some cool things you can do to customize your work area and the workflow wizards are very helpful.  In addition, they have some very informative videos on their website.  The one issue we have not resolved with DDM is the access to their API, but our IT group has had some communications with them to resolve this concern.  DDM do have some customers in the US, but apparently their main offices are in the UK, so their tech support would be in a different time zone.  Again, pricing is competitive compared to a Teamcenter RS deployment.

3. Teamcenter RS:

We will be reviewing Teamcenter Rapid Start in the days to come.  We feel that this product will accomplish everything that we need it to do, and my experience with Solid Edge tech support has been superlative, so I'm not expecting anything different from TC.  The downsides of TC would be the significant cost increase over any of the above mentioned products, and the expectations that a higher level of administrative oversight would be needed by in-house or contract personnel.

4. SMAP 3D:

I'll put this in even though we are not continuing to review this product, since they do not currently have a Change Control workflow process.  Other than that I really liked the interface and workflow wizards.  They also had a Part Configurator that looked like it could be very useful.




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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
I never read many positive things about TC, maybe my perception is wrong?

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We too are in the same boat. I'm looking for a solution that will align us for our ISO EN AS9100 certification audit in Dec. I'm very impressed with the DDM folks and their customer support. We're also looking at Aras Innovator, and out of the box its a very powerful PLM but if you're a large company with hundreds/thousands of seats, it makes sense. With a small setup, less than 25 seats, it quickly become useless due to the cost of CAD connectors. I'd love to hear views of others in this.



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