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Hi all,


I wolud like to ask, is it any third party software that can open a PDMS file in Solid Edge?


Or any idea on how can open a PDMS file in Solid Edge?


A PDMS can save part as step file, is it correct? Coz if Yes maybe Solid Edge can open the step file. But I'm not sure whether it's true or not.


Any Idea?


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I believe YES


Wait a minute I'm searching....


UNITEC a german company does/did have a program called ISO.Edge. That's able to open pdms files.

But it's also expensive

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user

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Thank you Dirk for your recommendation.

iso.Edge is an solution designed for plant engineering directly integrated in Solid Edge.

iso.Edge creates the iso drawings from pipelines based on the 3D-Assembly and the properties.

See picture!

For the PDMS we have also interfaces available that creates a 3D-Model with the PDMS-Attributes for Solid Edge.

Here is a little video that shows the import of a 3D-PDMS model and the usage of the PDMS-Properties within Solid Edge


Our solution needs the PDMS Review file! There is no need to have a PDMS license!


Please send me an E-Mail with your contact details so we can discuss the solution.



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Hi All,


Thanks for the reply.


Based on the video, is it you open a PDMS file in Solid Edge and create a 2D drawing from that?


Sorry coz I don't understand the languange.


Can I know whether PDMS can save as STEP or Iges file or not?

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I think you can better ask this question at a PDMS forum.


But I googled it and found out it must be possible

if they have a license of the mechanical equipment service

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user

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Here is the workflow to import data from PDMS to Solid Edge:


1. You have to ask for the PDMS Review file.

This is the fileformat that is used by the PDMS Viewer and available in all PDMS Suits without any extra costs! Every PDMS user should know how to export because it is essential for there daily work.

2. With this file and our solution Smiley Wink you can import the data into Solid Edge without having a PDMS software available.

3. In a second process we add the PDMS-properties to the Solid Edge files. Without this you will have only the assembly structure and the geometry. But in PDMS a lot information are based on the Pipe numbers or the number of the equipment because of the size of the projects you will be lost without it.


Afaik the Step interface for PDMS is an extra module with extra costs and not every user will have access to this.




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