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Hi Edge Users
I want to hide the pmi dimensions at once after modeling.
However, the Hide All PMI function does not work during the edge function.
It is also annoying to press in the Pathfinder.
Is there any way to hide it at once?




The function does not work in the figure below.
Pmi Fuction.png



Re: PMI ALL Hide?


I believe it's as simple as deselecting the checkbox next to the PMI branch in the Pathfinder?


Regards /ulf

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Re: PMI ALL Hide?

Hi @Ulf_Eriksson




but I think this also is not what @Hclee wants to do.


"It is anoying to press the pathfinder ..."


And I must agree with him, that a shortcut ro set or radial button  or menu would be very helpful to speed up Your daily work.


Every cm (m) You must not move the mouse is a won cm (m)


I personally love it too to use shortcuts.

The problem here seems to be, that the PMI pathfinder tree must be selected to be used for command




Re: PMI ALL Hide?

Ahh, sorry. I missed that. 

Altough only a single mouse click there seems to be no short command available to add in the menues.


This then should be logged as an ER (Enhancement Request) to you Reseller/Siemens PLM.


Thanks for the clarification Wolfgang.


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Re: PMI ALL Hide?

How about a macro?

Attached is the compiled version.

Extract it to a local folder and create a botton or keystroke to it.

Here is the code.

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim solidApp As Object = Nothing
            solidApp = Marshal.GetActiveObject("SolidEdge.Application")
            solidApp.DelayCompute = True
            Dim dims = solidApp.ActiveDocument.PMI.Dimensions
            For Each d In dims
                d.HidePMI = True
            solidApp.DelayCompute = False
        End Try
    End Sub

End Module



Re: PMI ALL Hide?

Hi @JasonTitcomb,

thanks a lot, and You were faster with doing it than me.

There would be a smal improvement for that macro.

Depending wether the PMI is shown or not man should change the current status so You can use it as changer for PMI show/no show.


May I ask You to to uplaod the complete macro code, for using it as starter to certain add ons?




Re: PMI ALL Hide?

@ JasonTitcomb


Thank you for your code.


Re: PMI ALL Hide?

It's a Visual Studio 2015 project.

Notice there are no references to Solid Edge.

I did this to avoid dependencies and extra files.


Re: PMI ALL Hide?

Thanks for the macro @JasonTitcomb

I was contemplating to write a similar one.