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PR 7296606


Please check the contents of the PR No. 7296606
By using the PAN function (Ctrl + Shift + Mouse button3) constraint does not work. All the sketches in the environment ... uh, I hope applicable in MP7


Re: PR 7296606

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Development resolved this in ST8.  I noticed the following notes in the PR from the developers that could be helpful:


     After much trial and error, we finally figured out that this problem has nothing to do with blocks or drawing views. The same problem can be observed when trying connect 2 circles with the same workflow. First, the control key is irrelevant, but the shift key is important. Even though it is not necessary for panning, holding the shift key during pan with the middle mouse button, the mouse button must be released before the shift key. My guess is that when the command goes to sleep during the pan, something is lost when it wakes up.


Hope this helps,