PR fixed in ST7?

Is there a list of PR's and ER"S that were done in ST7? I'm hoping they fixed the display problem in explore. files to light when you save them. which they took out i think ST4 or ST5


Re: PR fixed in ST7?

No, we do not publish a list of fixed PRs or implemented ERs. If you have a PR number for what you describe, I will be glad to tell you if its fixed (which is probably will be if you logged it). 

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: PR fixed in ST7?

There will be no PR list for ST7, but ER's should come across in the "What's New" documentation however small ER's that are rather insignificant may not be in the documentation.


I am not able to understand what your issue was based on your description of:  " the display problem in explore. files to light when you save them".  Can you explain that a little bit more clearly?


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Re: PR fixed in ST7?

PR 6832109 - Preview thumbnails in Explorer not as clear as they were in ST4.

Every version since 4 i have to edit my, plus others, Registry to add a line to fix this problem.

The one on the left no good, one on the right perfect. I have dual screens and i have explore  set to extra large icons 90% of the time. makes it easier to see. I never got a straight answer on why it was removed. i guy told me there was a seting in windows. i or GTAC never found it. i was to to live with it, unacceptable answer. If this still isn't fixed. i gone to have to call in and go uo the ladder....

Re: PR fixed in ST7?

well looks like i'm going to have to call in light a fire under some one. This was taken and now should be put back in