Pack and Go in Solid Edge?

Again coming from solidworks, I used its Pack and Go function very often. Was wondering if Solid Edge has an equivalent command?  


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what is it?

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There is not anything delivered with Solid Edge that provides the same functionality, but you can replicate it with Revision Manager by copying the structure to a new folder and performing a "where used" for the Drafts and copying them as well, then zip the folder and send.\


Alternatively, a company called Hitteam has a product that aims to provide the same functionality as Pach and Go:


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Thanks Grundey. I will most likey try your sugestion later this week. Have you used the Hitteam tools download?


TDB, Solidworks' Pack and Go is a command that, "Gathers all related files for a model design (parts, assemblies, drawings, references, design tables, Design Binder content, decals, appearances, and scenes, and SolidWorks Simulation results) into a folder or zip file." Dassult Systemes.

Basically its really nice for when you need to create an assembly that is similar to an extisting assembly and you just need to change a few dimensions or components. For example, I used this alot designing cabinets when I needed a different width or depth version or what I had already drawn. 

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I have not used their tool.  We rarely send stuff out and when we do, we just use Revision Manager to do it.

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@SW for what you are doing, Revision Manager will actually be better than Pack and Go. You pick the top level ASM to "clone" but then throughout the structure you can define for each part whether to leave it alone (continue to reference existing) or copy it to a new name or revise it. It takes a few swings to get the hang of it, but once you do, you'll find it indispensible. 

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Hello SW:


Here is a way to do it using Revision Manager:


1) Open the top-level assembly in Revision Manager.

2) Click in the upper-left-hand corner of the table of the structure to highlight all rows of the assembly.

3) Right click on the highlighted rows and choose "Set action to copy" from the context menu.


Notice that the action has changed to "Copy". 


4) With all rows still highlighted, choose Home -> Action -> Set Path. 


This will allow you to define a new path for all highlighted entries. 

You may also assign new file names if you wish.


5) Choose Tools -> Where Used and provide the location where to locate the drawings of all items.  This is probably in the same location as the components themselves.

6) Click Next, then Finish.


Notice in the bottom pane we now list all the files from the top pane - and if you expand them out you will see the drawings associated with them.


Hold down Control and click on the box to the left of each drawing you wish to copy.  This highlights them.


7) Right-click on the highlighted items and choose "Set action to copy" from the context menu.

8) While they are still highlighted, choose Home -> Action -> Set Path and set a path for the drawings.




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Another alternative is PacEdge - a Pack and Go program for Solid Edge. A detailed tutorial on how to build this program from scratch also exists and can be read here.


I have tried to make it look as much as the one in SW, though also note that this is not a replacement for Revision Manager. Infact it is based entirely on the RevMgr API.


Using the free source code, you can build your own version of Pack n Go for Solid Edge.

Here's a preview of version 1.0 of the program:



~Tushar Suradkar


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Awesome just to get THIS integrated into Solid Edge ST8.

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RM works, but when you have an assembly spread over several maps and (OK, not wright) you have parts named the same over severall maps you can't use RM.

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