Paper Printer Recommendations

A customer is asking for a recommendation for a paper printer for 8.5x11 and 11x17 paper.

Any recommendations?


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What class of printer are they looking for?

  • Just a printer (assuming black/white and color)?
  • A Multi-function printer (Print/Scan/Fax/Copy)?
  • A laser printer or inkjet?
  • High volume or low volume printing?

If they can't justify the cost of a laser printer but still need the high volume print capability in an inkjet, the new HP PageWide printers look promising.


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Re: Paper Printer Recommendations

We use an HP Laserjet 5550dN - purchased a number of years ago - makes fine prints. However, this is the last HP printer we will ever buy. If one color runs out, you have to replace all the colors or it complains mightly. Costs about $600 to replace all the colors. Whatever you decide to buy, check the ink replacement costs and factor that in.

Re: Paper Printer Recommendations

For my home office use, I have an Epson WF-7520.


This specific model is obsolete, but they still make the same family of printers.  For a multi-function inkjet printer in a small office environment, it works really well.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Paper Printer Recommendations

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We use a very old school HP laser. HP_5100TN

Black and white only


If you need color, get a laser with independent ink for each color.

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We had a HP 5100 in the engineering department for 7 years, never had a problem with it. We got "upgraded" to a 5550 color printer, **bleep** thing has to be rebooted at least once a week or it will just hang on prints forever.

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I will refer my customer to this thread.



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We have an HP 5200 that is workhorse.  Very reliable and toner cartridges last a very long time.



Kyle Joiner

Re: Paper Printer Recommendations

Ditto on the 5200.

Bruce Shand
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