Parametric Assembly

Hi all,


I am willing to build up an assembly that could be customized upon cistomer demand.


One scenario is,If the customer demanded extended length of a Frame, All sheet covering the frame should be changed. I can achieve it by peer variable in assembly.

But the fact is that our store stocks defined sheet sizes and the designed sheet size should not exceed the stocked on. otherwise new procurement is to be proceed.


Is there any way that any notification is raised that indicates that sheet size has exceeded the defined size.



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You can set up a variable to have a limit of size - minimum and maximum.

Enter the values in the Range column of the variable table.

How this works if you are automating things I'm not sure.

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You can use Sensors that will trigger when a defined criteria is violated.  Not sure how to get a report on this though...


Better choice might a one of the ETO products that work with Solid Edge to do this.

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Re: Parametric Assembly

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I agree with Ken.

When you mention 'a trigger is raised when a condition is violated', sensors are the option that comes to mind.

Here are a couple of articles on this topic that can help you get started:


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Re: Parametric Assembly



I am not sure if the following will help, but i have modelled an ordered part model that flags (red square) an issue when then length of the bar (green) is not in line with the quantity of sheets (yellow).




In this model change the "Length" to "4800" and see what happens, then start playing with the variables as shown in red.


Maybe you can somehow expose or link the "OutputError" value and use it to indicate an issue...


In this test model if "OutputError" equals "0" then you have a problem. It is possible to invert this output if you really want.

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iLogic in Inventor is very good for this sort of thing. Maybe the new variable functions in ST9 help SE get close to this? I've not investigated enough to be sure.

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Is this something that could be done with a pattern by table ?

Drive the length form the spreadsheet and do the calculations in there to get number of panels and panel length.


Having never used pattern by table (still on ST7) I don't know if it is possible, but just a thought.

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Inside a sheetmetal part, at the flat pattern options you can insert the sheet cut size limits.

If the flat sheet pattern exceed that limits you will get an error message.


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I make all of my sheet metal "re-sizable". I design sheet metal oil tanks custom for each client.


My method is to use planes in assembly as the "nominal dimensions" then create all of the sheet metal sketches with relations to the assembly planes.



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I think your guidance will help me out.

So when you increase the length of your rafter for oil tanker, your sheet size changed..??

What we do practice is that we have defined sheet size. lets say 4'x8'. so while utilizing maximum of these sizes can you refer some procedure to develop a parametric assembly so that whenever there is a demand of higher volume, assembly can be adjusted by changer rafter size.

Any other method can also be accepted.