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We use part copy on some of our models.  We have some base parts and some different core that can mix and match to create differnt parts.  We bring in part copy(1) then part copy(2) then subract part 2 from part 1.  Is there a way to reference the copied part in the draft.  Can I create a note or callout that is tied back to the copied parts?  We don't really want to create a parts list, just a note that we can reference back to the original copied parts.

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No, there is no way to get the info of the Part Copy from Draft.  You can however use an assembly file to position your parts and then boolean one or more from a target part, and then you can use the assembly for the "mixed" part.  Just set your occurence properties for your "tools" to not show when placed in an assembly.  You will want them for drawings in order to pull their properties.


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as mentioned by @Grundey there is no direct metjod to accomplish what YOu want.


But I think it could work to ceate a property within the part showing which references are used.

This should not be a big problem for a small macro.

And this property can be used in drft or whereever it might be necessary


What do You think about this idea?